Mystic Voodoo Wrestlers Of Senegal

There is more popular sport in Senegal: Wrestling. Sportsmen, known as Voodoo Wrestlers, earn more than £200 in a year. They are believed to have power from rituals, talismans and magic potions. Swiss Photographer Christian Bobst, photographed the lives and stories of these wrestlers whose importance is increasing in Senegal.

Because of hot weather, wrestling starts in the evening and it doesn’t stop until midnight.

Although it is believed to have their power from mystical sources, they also do training to become stronger.

One of the retired wrestler, Balla Gaye, has a famous school, where he trains wrestlers. Most of the wrestlers can’t afford this school. Those who can’t afford do their training in the Atlantic beaches.

The wrestler in this photo, Kherou Ngor, is washing himself with milk. This is believed to bring power to the wrestler.

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