What Is Living In Mars?

Living on the other places in the Universe is a quite popular topic in science world. Even normal people is wondering about it as a scientist. There are many questions about the life in the other planets. Can we live on the Moon? Can we live on Mars or Venus? If we can live so, what do we need to live? Human succesfully can visit the Moon, Mars or other planets but, for living those places we need oxygen as we need in the Earth. Oxygen is a main cause that is why we cannot live in the Moon or Mars. Solar radiation also very important problem, because the Moon is outside Earth's protective atmosphere. Other planets like Venus or Saturn, they are very far away from the Sun and temperature level will definitely change. So, without oxygen, we can say that there is no life and no alive creatures on the Moon, Mars etc. Then you can have a look all these photo and understand clearly that; can we live any other planets apart from Earth?

How is our Solar system looks like?

Nobody wants to be melting: Distances between the Sun, Earth and Moon

If you don’t want to be freezing, be careful!: Distances between the Sun, Earth and Mars

So you can think we are living the best place. Look at those distances!

The big challenge: first step to the Moon

How the Moon looks like?

How Mars looks like?

Surface of the Moon

Surface of Mars

Another example: Venus

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