10 Interesting Myths Of Moon

The moon is the biggest light in the dark night sky. For thousand of years its magical appearance is associated with some myths about unreachable love, unexplainable mysteries by people of earth. In the meantime, the moon itself became the center of lots of legends, moon stories, mystical beliefs and moon creation myths .

The ancient people believed  Moon chases  Sun. So when the night comes, the reign of  Moon begins and Sun descends to the Underworld.

According to the Maya Mythology, Moon and Sun were earthly beings. Moon was a young lady and Sun was a hunter. They fell in love each other. But the father of Moon killed her as being mad at her because of this love.

Red Moon is believed as attacked by a jaguar. The big cat eats the moon and it bleeds…

For years doctors believed that the people with mental problems had been visited by the Goddess of Moon Luna. The Roman Goddess rides her silver chariot in the dark sky every night.

In Aztec Mythology Tecciztecatl, was a Lunar deity, had a big, large and white seashell on his very back. The people believed that was for representing the Moon.

If full moon occurs on Sunday, it means bad luck. Otherwise if it occurs on Monday, it brings good luck. In old English Monday is formed from “Mōnandæg” which became Monenday and so “Moon Day”

On certain days of Wednesday or Friday, If a man sleeps under the moon light during a full moon in summer, he can turn into a werewolf…

Japanese people believed that the Moon itself was a god who could tell about the future.

In old China, the people thought that there were twelwe moons in a year. These moons are also believed to come into existence from water.

According to an old English traidition, housewifes who see a blue moon in the night should turn to go to sleep so they will be more fertile.

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