Top 5 Combo Pictures That Has Kept Long Distant Liaison Alive

Quite a few of you are likely to have experienced the frustrations involved in a long distance association. What is it that you must do Skype won’t do enough? A resourceful Korean couple that is presently in such a circumstance came up with a genius way of connecting with one another via art. The couple is Danbi Shin and Seok Li and they are based in New York and Seoul respectively. Though their time difference is 14 hours they have kept their liaison going by taking snaps concurrently even as they’re on video calls and producing collages. In the section below are some of the snaps.

Night and day

Night and day
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# On Screen Rank Point
Night and day
Night and day 12
Holding a cone
Holding a cone 12
A blackboard
A blackboard 11
A cab
A cab 11
Holding a drink
Holding a drink 11

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