10 Things Only Cat Owners Understand

Are you a cat person and love cats? These cut animals will become our friend in home. Here we have listed 10 things only cat owners understand.

Sometimes cat does not interested with you when you want to work or play.

This friendship means everything for you.

You know that you should take care of his/her mail plan more than yours.

They trick you with lovely and innocent eyes. You will face with these eyes especially while you are cooking.

You used to live with cat hair.

While you arrange vaccine and periodic health of cat; you become very careful and think much more than your own health.

You get used to damage to your favorite items. You know that the life of everything will end with paw blow.

When you sleep together; it is normal to wake you up anytime; because he/she determines sleeping times.

You cannot tell that he/she should not walk on kitchen counter.

You get used to meow and even scratch the door when you go out.

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